HIV Testing

A key goal of San Francisco AIDS Foundation is that all San Franciscans know their current HIV status. To help achieve this goal, the foundation developed multi-pronged policy and legislative strategy to increase HIV testing rates by removing existing systemic barriers to testing.  The foundation, in collaboration with other federal and state organizations, has embarked on this strategy to change existing law and policy through direct legislation, advocacy, coalition work and education. 

A critical barrier to routine HIV testing is funding.  With continued focus, we are making steady progress in removing this barrier.  For example, San Francisco AIDS Foundation was instrumental in the passage of a state law requiring health insurers to cover an HIV test even if it is unrelated to the primary diagnosis.  This bill is a critical first step in making HIV screening routine in California, by ensuring that both patients and their health care providers are aware that insurance will cover an HIV test.

In addition to these legislative efforts, the foundation has advocated for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to cover routine screening and create an ICD-9 billing code that providers can use to more easily bill for HIV testing. 

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