Abuse and Trama: Lessons for HIV Prevention and Care

This forum was held on October 22, 2008, at the Women's Building in San Francisco. You can download the executive summary of the forum (PDF, 220KB).

Abuse and trauma can create lifelong challenges to physical well-being and emotional health. Among people living with HIV, childhood sexual abuse, violence, rape, and psychological abuse are more common than in the broader population. This forum will examine the links between trauma, HIV risk behaviors such as substance use and unprotected sex, and HIV disease progression—and how these links can be broken.

Featured Panelists:
 HIVision flyer
Ann M. Brennan, RN, MS, C, ANP/PNP
Medical Advisor
Trauma Recovery and Rape Center of San Francisco

Cheryl Gore-Felton, PhD
Associate Professor
Psychiatry and Behavorial Science
Stanford School of Medicine

Tim Ryan, RN, MSN
Manager of Clinical Services
Magnet/San Francisco AIDS Foundation

John K. Williams, MD
Assistant Professor and Associate Director
UCLA Sexual Health Program and UCLA-Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior

Michael Siever, PhD
Director of Behavioral Health Sciences
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

HIVision is an ongoing forum series bringing research and evidence to bear on timely policy and programmatic issues. As thinking on HIV/AIDS continues to evolve, HIVision provides a safe venue to engage the community on potentially controversial topics.

For more information email HIVision (at) sfaf.org or call 415-487-3073. 

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