We are proud to announce that HIVision is now Real Talk. The Real Talk series will continue to host timely, interactive dialogs and exchange knowledge and resources around topics at the forefront of discussions in our community. Learn more about Real Talk here.

We'll maintain our archive of HIVision fora summaries, and invite everyone who appreciated HIVision to join us for Real Talk. Sign up to get info when the next Real Talk forum is coming up.

HIVision was a public forum series, focused on reinvigorating the conversation about prevention, care and treatment, putting public policy and research side by side.

The series gathered experts from different sectors—including research, policy, business, medicine, and advocacy—to lead discussions of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care.

Below is an archive of the final HIVision fora topics, with summary writeups. 

HIVision Topic Archive

Alcohol & HIV: Current Thinking about Drinking

Alcohol and HIV are part of our community. Whether we drink frequently, abstain altogether, or are somewhere in between, alcohol use impacts us all, regardless of HIV status.

Join us for a free public forum on how alcohol affects HIV risk and HIV health, and how our city is addressing “the forgotten drug” in the context of HIV/AIDS.
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HIV & Aging: Now What?

Thanks to better treatments, people are living longer with HIV. But aging with the virus brings unique medical, emotional, and social challenges that we are only just beginning to understand. This forum, held on October 13, 2010, explored these issues and how communities, health care and service providers, and people living with HIV can address them.
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HIV/AIDS & Latinos: Prevention & Health

Knowing your HIV status is the key to staying healthy and preventing the spread of HIV. In anticipation of HIV Testing Day (June 23, 2010), San Francisco AIDS Foundation hosted a bilingual public discussion of the social and cultural barriers to HIV testing and HIV prevention in Latino communities--and how we can collectively overcome them. The event was simulatneously translated into both English and Spanish.
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Sex, Drugs & HIV: A User's Guide to Harm Reduction

Harm reduction refers to any practice designed to decrease negative consequences of high-risk behavior. Unlike abstinence-only thinking, harm reduction embraces non-judgmental ways to reduce the risks of drug use and unprotected sex, such as sero-positioning or syringe exchange. This forum, on November 11, 2009, exlored the philosophy behind harm reduction and its capacity to bring positive change to people’s lives.
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Is HIV Treatment HIV Prevention?

On August 29, 2009, we hosted a conversation on the science and controversies surrounding the use of anti-HIV drugs to prevent the HIV transmission and acquisition. Recent studies offer evidence and raise questions about the role of antiretroviral medications in curbing the spread of HIV. Are HIV-positive people who take antiretroviral drugs less likely to transmit the virus? Can these same drugs taken by HIV-negative people help keep them negative?

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