Video: No health without housing

Video transcript:

San Francisco is facing a homeless crisis. The health of our community is at stake.

Lamar: I’ve been in San Francisco the last seven years now, and out of those seven years I’ve been homeless five out of those seven years.

7,500 people in San Francisco are homeless.

Lamar: A lot of people walked over me as I was sleeping on the sidewalks and stuff. And you know, it’s not fun. I didn’t have nowhere else to go, so I’m sleeping in somebody’s doorstep or under some overpass.  

Rose: I had recently come out as transgender and lesbian and was trying to figure out who I was. My mom kicked me out of the house. She just said, pack your things and get out. I had nowhere to go.

1 in 2 homeless young people are LGBTQ.

Kray: I was back and forth between the streets and families houses. I turned to the streets and they seemed to be more accepting than my own family.

Personal health comes last when food, safety and shelter are in question.

Anastazia: In San Francisco, youth homelessness is a health issue. Youth are prone and more likely to choose sex work as means to getting off the streets. I think people should be talking about homelessness and working to end it, because it’s a health issue. If we’re unhealthy as homeless people,

Kray: I wasn’t really intact with my health. I was more worried about food, trying to get to work, and back where I was trying to sleep.

Rose: I just couldn’t afford to go to a doctor to get started on hormones. To get the process started to medically transition or to even legally change my name. All of it had to wait.

Ryan: Being unhoused can be a hard, lonely place.  Often a place where one can feel like their lives don’t have any meaning.

Lamar: It’s scary out there in the streets. I think if I had housing, or opportunities to have somewhere to rest my head at every night, I would have medical coverage. I would be employed. But my main concern and my main priority is finding a place to sleep at every night.

Rose: Being homeless can force you to choose between two things you should never have to choose between.

We should never be forced to choose between our health and basic needs.

Yes on C. The homelessness crisis hurts all of us. This video was produced by San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

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