Join our Club for fun and philanthropy

Interested in connecting with a group of bright, interesting people who want to give back to the San Francisco community? Want to find out how you can improve our city while helping people at risk of HIV?

Find out about the San Francisco AIDS Foundation First City Club (and it’s governing body, First City Council) and what these groups do for the foundation from Mike Gregg, a long-time San Francisco resident and co-chair of First City Council. And, learn how you can get involved!

What motivated you to get involved in First City Club and Council?

Mike Gregg: I moved to San Francisco in 2003, and shortly thereafter became a client at [sexual health clinic] Magnet. I got annual checkups there and loved that the services that were provided were incredibly useful, high-quality and free! On top of that, everyone was so kind. As a gay man, it was something I took advantage of for years.

A few years ago, I realized that I had really leaned on the San Francisco gay community and the foundation when I was younger. And I thought now was the time to give back to the community in any way that I can. I was having lunch with [former foundation CEO] Neil Giuliano and he mentioned that the foundation was trying to ramp up the First City Council program, so I agreed to find out more.

I think it’s OK to lean on a community for a time, but ultimately, it’s important to pay it forward. I’m glad that I’m in a place where I can do that, now. 

What speaks to you about the mission of San Francisco AIDS Foundation?

I’m interested in doing my part to improve the health of our community. And I’ve been interested in HIV research and what’s been happening in the scientific community related to HIV treatment, cure and prevention. All of the developments related to PrEP, for example, have been really exciting. Being part of First City Council is a natural fit—because it means that I get to talk to people who are like-minded about news and developments related to things like PrEP and HIV prevention.

What are perks related to being part of the First City Club or Council?

One thing that’s great is that First City Club is very laid-back. If you’re a member of the Club, we ask that you contribute to the foundation on an annual basis. You can think of it as a monthly expense—for instance, $84 per month. With that, you’ll be included in First City Club events that we host twice per year. We also provide discounted tickets to other foundation events—such as Tribute, which is a big, fancy party at the Exploratorium that celebrates achievements in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

When we get together, we mingle and get to know each other. The group’s made up of smart, capable, interesting people who are philanthropically-minded.  

Being part of the Council is a bit more of a commitment. There’s a steeper fundraising requirement and time commitment—we meet on a monthly basis to plan events and figure out how to generate excitement in the community about what we’re doing and how we’re making an impact. We usually meet at the foundation’s headquarters on Market Street or out at a restaurant to enjoy a meal together.

What should people do if they’d like to join the First City Council or Club?

We’d love to have you! You can contact Vaughn Frisby, senior major gifts officer at or 415-487-3086 to learn more.  

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