Douchie's guide to butt health and happiness

It’s time to talk about the health & happiness of our butts.

Your butt can be a source of pleasure, pain, anxiety and excitement. It’s part of your sexuality and your health. But when is the last time you had an open conversation about how your butt feels and works with a friend, lover, partner or hot hookup? How do you talk about your butt with your doctor or health care provider?

Douchie McDoucherson is here to take topics of butt health out of the closet. All summer long, Douchie will bring you info, advice & community conversations about everything from fissures to fisting. Find the tools and tips you need to keep your butt looking fresh and feeling great.

Douchie’s Butt Health Tips Poster

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More Tips and Resources

Expert advice: 8 steps for first-time fisters

How big is too big? Do you have to douche first? Find answers to your anal fisting questions from an expert.

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A reality check (and resources!) on all things anal cancer

Two doctors shed light on anal cancer risk, including who’s at higher risk and how to get screened.

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Anal fissures are treatable

Don’t suffer in silence if you’re experiencing sharp, stabbing pain when you bottom or when you poop.

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Q&A: What causes bleeding and pain from your butt?

Pierre-Cedric Crouch, PhD, ANP-BC answers our burning questions about butt pain. Here’s what to do if you notice pain, swelling or blood.

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“Rammed hard and fast”: Here’s what you said about pain during anal

You told us—pain during anal sex can be mind-blowing. Here’s what you shared in our anonymous pain & sex survey.

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How to booty bump better

Substance use counselor Jeremy Prillwitz shares what we know about booty bumping, the risks and potential harms, and how to booty bump more safely.

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Anal douching safety tips

How many times a week it’s safe to douche, and other advice by a San Francisco AIDS Foundation sexual health provider.

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Here are the results of the anal douching survey in San Francisco

Respondents said, “careful with that shower shot,” and gave other useful douching advice.

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My experience with anal warts

Michael offers his perspective on what it’s like to have anal warts as someone who loves to bottom, and the importance of finding non-judgmental, proactive care.

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Better conversations about our butts

Joshua O’Neal shares results from a community survey about seeking health care for anal health issues, and why it’s crucial to speak up for better butt care.

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