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Moving is never easy.  There’s all the packing, the heavy lifting, the sorting.  But in the end, hard work pays off.  That's exactly what happened over the last few weeks.  We moved, and we couldn’t be more excited because of what it means for our clients.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation is now at 1035 Market Street.  It’s just a half-block from our old location.  But it’s a world away when it comes to the experience visitors have when they walk through our doors.

The first thing people will notice is the open layout.  We are no longer hemmed in by awkward hallways and offices.  1035 Market is airy and spacious, with no wasted space.  It’s immediately inviting.  Most importantly it’s seismically safe and ADA-accessible, two things critical to our ability to serve our clients. 

counseling roomBecause it’s a brand new space, the foundation was able to work with the landlord to create an environment that is best suited to all of our needs.  Features include private counseling rooms, open work spaces, modern air filtration systems, large conference rooms for group sessions, and gender-neutral bathrooms for the comfort of all our clients.  So whether someone is coming to get information about their health, to learn about our housing assistance or financial benefits programs, to meet with a counselor to get substance use support, or to join a group meeting for people living with HIV/AIDS, the new space really delivers a first-rate experience for everyone.

The layout of the building also makes for better collaboration among our talented staff members.  Program teams are grouped together by areas of focus, making them more unified and productive.  And the openness of the building maximizes the flow of information and ideas across all departments.  Essentially the foundation is now a more well-oiled machine, building on our decades of success and leadership in the HIV/AIDS community.

Of course moving always has some downsides.  The bathroom codes are new.  You can never find your stapler.  A few desk lamps are still missing and may never be found.  And there are always some people who find change difficult.  But with new challenges, come new opportunities. 

San Francisco AIDS Foundation has now been in operation for nearly 30 years.  This move is definitely one of the most exciting chapters in our history.  We were able to take our years of knowledge and expertise in serving clients, and design an office space from the ground up so that it's exactly what we want and need it to be.  It’s a dream for any organization, and we got to realize that dream.

We invite you to visit our new space.  Clients are thrilled with the move, and we think you’ll agree.  Our address has changed, but our mission is the same: to end the HIV epidemic in the city where it began.

Randall Flagg
by Randall Flagg
Triage Assistant
San Francisco AIDS Foundation


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