Redefining Realness

TransLife supports and empowers group members through whatever they are going through. We understand that life as a trans woman, trans man, gender fluid individual, or queer person can be tough. We’ve all gone through challenging times when we’ve struggled with who we are as a person and how to express that to the outside world. TransLife is a place where we come together and learn from each other’s personal journeys. We’re redefining realness—by focusing on our experiences and how we feel instead of only how we look.

Many of our group members have lost touch with their families and have a hard time finding the right person to love and be loved by. So, our group brings a blend of spirituality, friendship and community to give people the support they need and the family they long for. Come join us.

Who is TransLife for?

TransLife is an inclusive group. We are multi-racial, male and female transgender, old and young, at many stages of transition. We are gender-fluid individuals with gender identities that change. We are a group for people who need support for issues related to gender, identity, sexuality, drugs, sex work, hormone therapy, gender surgery and HIV. We are a group for people who are looking for a place to belong, and a chosen family to support them. We welcome allies, friends and others who wish to learn and grow with the transgender community.

TransLife Services Offered

TransLife Support Group
1035 Market Street, Suite 400 [map]
Every Wednesday from 3 pm to 5:30 pm

We check in with each other, then discuss group topics of interest. Topics may be related to health and wellness—for example, PrEP, HIV, and hormone therapy—or other topics like housing and advocacy that are relevant to our lives.

Who We Are

Luna Salemme, TransLife program coordinator

Ms. Billie Cooper, TransLife Founder

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