Help for People Living with HIV

Are you HIV-positive? Whether you were recently diagnosed or have known you were positive for a while, if you are a gay, bi or trans man living in San Francisco, we have support and services for you.

Learn about HIV, how to stay healthy, get medications, housing assistance, and financial benefits counseling, and medical case management.


  • Positive Force
    There’s a lot to know about being HIV-positive and staying healthy. We’re here to help. Learn about living with HIV, address personal challenges you face with your status, and meet friends who can help you on your path as you take charge of your own health. Whether you want to meet new friends, learn about living with HIV, or address personal challenges you are having with staying healthy with HIV, we are the place for you. Learn more.
  • Health Navigation
    Are you HIV-positive and in need of support? Our Health Navigation team can help you find healthcare or change providers, navigate insurance programs, find assistance for HIV medications and work with you on other areas where you might want some support. One-on-one counselors can help in person or over the phone. Learn more.
  • 1-on-1 with Positive Force
    Our peer-based counseling program helps you find strategies for better HIV health and wellness. Not sure where to start? Don’t know if you’re ready to deal with HIV and everything that comes with it? We’ve got your back! We’ll walk you through the steps at a pace that’s comfortable for you. We don’t judge, so come as you are. Learn more.
  • Stay Current
    Hosted four times a year, experts present on the depth and breadth of a single HIV research topic. Speakers incorporate both cutting-edge science and audience questions and answers to ensure that you get the most from the discussion. Read more about Stay Current.
  • The Dr is In
    Have you ever wanted more time with your doctor? What if you could ask other poz guys about their take on a health concern or how they deal with personal issues like status disclosure? The Doctor Is In offers twice-monthly opportunities to ask for guidance from HIV specialist Dr. Joanna Eveland of Mission Neighborhood Health Center, the Positive Force co-facilitator, and members of your community.Find out more.
  • PLUS (Positive Living for Us)
    A weekend seminar offering support and information for guys new to dealing with HIV, and their allies. Combining education, support, and community building, PLUS aims to help all people affected by HIV to become champions of positive living. Learn more about PLUS.
  • Urban Adventures
    Living with HIV starts with, well, living. That means having fun, making friends, and keeping you connected with poz guys in San Francisco gay, bisexual, and trans men’s communities. Once a month, we get together for some fun and frolic, and invite guys to join us for bowling, drag demos, BBQs in the park, speed dating, and more. Find out more.
  • Black Health Center of Excellence
    Focused on linking HIV-positive African Americans to care, we provide group support in the form of peer advocacy, as well as medical case management, mental health and substance use services. These two programs are presented in collaboration with San Francisco General Hospital. Clients must be referred to BHCoE by their doctor.
  • Housing Support
    San Francisco AIDS Foundation partners with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to offer transitional housing assistance to almost 400 people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco who meet the city’s program eligibility requirements. Clients in our rental subsidy program often also receive other foundation services such as financial benefits counseling, as well as referrals to supportive services throughout the city.
    Learn more about what we offer.
  • Financial Benefits Counseling
    Our financial benefits counselors help people living with HIV/AIDS to understand and link into the complex public and private benefits systems. We provide a range of services including rental assistance, advocacy, and information on essential community support services and medical care, .
    Learn more about this program.
  • Latino Programs
    Latino Programs provides support for monolingual Spanish speaking Latinos who are living with HIV. We can help you and your family share information about living healthy with HIV, providing care to others, and reducing isolation and stigma. We create a safe space for Latinos to come together to talk about their experiences, learn how to navigate the healthcare system and improve their overall quality of life.
    Call us at (415) 487-8000 to get more information about upcoming meetings and events, or check out the Latino Programs page for more background.

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