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Vince Chalwe Rudy Keisuke Michael Derrick

I moved to San Francisco from Seattle. I knew that coming to San Francisco was the final growth step I needed to take in my life. But when I got here, I struggled a bit. For the first few weeks I was living in my car. So I came to Positive Force looking for help, and I found it immediately.

I met with someone on staff who helped to assess my needs. We developed a plan to figure out the best way to help me achieve my goals. We plotted out five main goals, such as housing, health care, and food. And then we got to work on tackling my goals.

My main goal was stable housing. Finding a place to live is so crucial to body care. You can’t really take care of yourself, take your meds, and eat responsibly if you don’t have a stable place to live. But we worked through all my goals and we accomplished them. It was a tough task, don’t get me wrong, but Positive Force helped me achieve my goals.

It’s very easy to talk to the staff here. Sometimes I have questions that I don’t want to ask my friends for fear of feeling stupid. But I can come here and ask those questions to the staff and they’re always willing to listen and help. It’s kinda like a mini therapy session.

My life now is much better. Without Positive Force, and the help it provided to get me firmly planted in San Francisco and on the right path, I would not be where I am today. I have a job, I’ve enrolled in school, and I’m giving back to the program and its participants.

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Vince Chalwe Rudy Keisuke Michael Derrick