Black PLUS - Positive Living for Us

The D.R.E.A.A.M. Project Presents Black PLUS

Black PLUS is a great two-day event that happens over consecutive Saturdays in March.

This will be the place to be if you are a looking for a new way to get information about your health and create peer support with other young gay, bi, and trans Black men. The event is open to those who are newly diagnosed with HIV, newly dealing with an HIV+ diagnosis, and for HIV- men who are in relationships with HIV+ guys.

To sign-up or get more information, please contact: Jimmy Hill at 415-241-6708 or jhill (at)

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Education about the virus and treatment options
  • How to stay healthy while living with HIV
  • How to keep yourself and your partners safe from HIV and other STD’s
  • How to ask your doctor the right questions and get answers you understand
  • How to get healthcare and other benefits
  • How to talk to other people about your status