Connect with a Community

Are you looking for your people? Hoping to meet folks whose lifestyle and challenges are similar to your own? We all do better when we have a community, and those of us whose lives are impacted by HIV, or who are at risk for getting infected live longer, healthier, happier lives when we connect with those who understand and support us.

This is why we host a wide array of community groups with activities all around San Francisco. Which community will you connect with?

  • Black Brothers Esteem
    BBE empowers African-American gay men and other men who have sex with men who struggle not only with issues related to HIV, but also racism, addiction, poverty, homophobia, violence, homelessness, and marginal housing. Black Brothers Esteem hosts activities and events that create a safe space for African American men to gather and to gain support from each other. Our goal is to provide HIV and STD testing, help HIV positive brothers get the care they need to thrive, and build a strong, educated, and active community. Learn more about Black Brothers Esteem.
  • Black Health Center of Excellence
    We’re here for you every step of the way. From HIV diagnosis through treatment and care, our team provides one-on-one case management, individual counseling sessions, education about HIV, support and community groups, and practical and emotional support in dealing with life’s challenges. Learn more about Black Health Center of Excellence.
  • Bridgemen
    Want to connect socially with other gay, bi and trans guys who are looking to invest in our community? Bridgemen organizes fun and relevant community service projects that provide leadership opportunities, build friendships, and give something back to the community. Through service and social awareness we are working to make San Francisco the safe and welcoming place that we know it can be by building bridges between our many social networks. Go to Bridgemen's page to read about one of our recent projects, or check our schedule for our next gathering.
  • DREAAM Project (Determined to Respect and Encourage African American Men)
    DREAAM offers individualized support, linkage to healthcare, HIV/STI testing and treatment, referrals, and workshops to gay, bi, trans, queer and questioning men of African decent, age 18-30. Join us every Friday at Strut at 470 Castro Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, 5-8pm. Go to the DREAAM Project page to learn more.
  • Elizabeth Taylor 50-Plus Network
    We are a wellness network for both HIV-negative and HIV-positive Gay/Bi/Trans Men who are 50 years and older. If you are interested in developing a plan for health and wellness, and building friendships and social connections, check us out. We facilitate you with personal share and support groups, contributing to our community, projects that make a difference, and helping our brothers who need a helping-hand. See the 50-Plus Network page for more info.
  • Latino Programs
    Latino Programs provides support for monolingual Spanish speaking Latinos who are living with HIV. We can help you and your family share information about living healthy with HIV, providing care to others, and reducing isolation and stigma. We create a safe space for Latinos to come together to talk about their experiences, learn how to navigate the healthcare system and improve their overall quality of life. Call us at (415) 487-8000 to get more information about upcoming meetings and events, or see the Latino Programs webpage for more information.
  • Magnet
    The gay men’s health center in the heart of the Castro neighborhood is also an art gallery, lounge, and internet café where people can engage each other and participate or just hang out. In addition to a range of free services like massage, dance lessons and substance use counseling, Magnet also offers an array of free sexual health services for HIV-negative and HIV-positive men, including HIV testing and screenings for other sexually transmitted infections. See Magnet's website for details.
  • Positive Force
    Positive Force is the go-to place for people living with HIV who live, work, or play in San Francisco and who are looking for a community of other people living with HIV and non-positive allies. We emphasize service—working hard to meet the individual needs of everyone who comes through our doors. Whether you want to meet new friends, learn about living with HIV, or address personal challenges you are having with staying healthy with HIV, we are the place for you. Learn more about Positive Force.
  • TransLife
    TransLife is an all-inclusive, multi-racial group for transgender and gender-fluid individuals seeking support, community and family. We welcome both male and female transgender people, at any stage of transition. At TransLife our group members receive information and support with relevant issues such as hormone therapy, gender surgery, HIV and harm-reduction strategies during weekly meetings. Our goal in everything we do is to empower members with spiritual support and affirming practices so that we can heal, move on from trauma, and live healthier and safer lives. Learn more about TransLife.
  • Urban Adventures
    Living with HIV starts with, well, living. That means having fun, making friends, and keeping you connected with people living with HIV in San Francisco. Once a month, we get together for some fun and frolic, and invite everyone to join us for bowling, drag demos, BBQs in the park, speed dating, and more. See the Urban Adventures page or email the Positive Force team to find out more.