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African-Americans comprise 14% of the population in the United States, yet account for 44% of all new HIV infections. Young black gay and bisexual men are especially at risk for HIV infection. According to the latest statistics from the federal government, the estimated rate of new HIV infections for black men was more than six and a half times that of white men, and two and a half times that of Latino men or black women.

After 30 years of fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic, addressing the serious health disparities among minority populations remains a top priority of San Francisco AIDS Foundation. We also know that when we touch one life, it can have a multiplying effect in our community. Frederick is a perfect example.

Frederick has been living with HIV since 1990 and came to us two years ago in desperate need of help. He had no place to live so he turned to the staff and community members of Black Brothers Esteem (BBE).

Almost immediately, our staff found Frederick temporary housing. A few months later he was in a stable home. Frederick credits BBE and the foundation for saving his life. We know that when people are stably housed, they are more likely to take their medications, see their doctor, and take care of their own health and the well-being of their sex partners.

Frederick now comes to San Francisco AIDS Foundation every week to attend BBE meetings. For him, they are a safe place to talk about anything, to seek and give help, and to focus on spirituality and balance in life.

Here’s the best part: Frederick now takes everything he’s learned from his involvement with the foundation and spreads messages of good health to his peer group. With every contact he makes with another person, he touches a life and changes our city for the better.

As San Francisco AIDS Foundation marks its 30th anniversary, we are investing in our community like never before. Our prevention programs, including BBE, are robust and expanding to meet the distinct needs of the people we serve in San Francisco. All of these programs are free of charge because of generous supporters like you.

You can ensure that all of our programs remain strong and stable by becoming a monthly supporter. It’s a simple gift option that allows you to spread your support over smaller monthly contributions while allowing us to have a dependable base of support. When you become a monthly supporter, we simply deduct a small amount from your debit or credit card each month. The process is easy for you.

Your monthly gifts will change lives. With your help, we will radically reduce new HIV infections and ensure all people living with the disease have access to proper care. 

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