Black Brothers Esteem

African American men who are gay, bisexual and same gender loving are at a disproportionately higher risk for HIV infection. Black Brothers Esteem, or BBE, works to change that. It’s a prevention and support program from San Francisco AIDS Foundation to empower men who predominantly live in the Tenderloin/Polk Gulch and Sixth Street Corridor neighborhoods of San Francisco. These men struggle not only with issues related to HIV, but also with racism, addiction, poverty, homophobia, violence and marginal housing.

Facilitated by our expert staff, Black Brothers Esteem designs activities and events to provide a place for African American men to gather and to gain support from each other. The goal: provide education, skills and enhanced social connections to reduce sexual risk-taking.

Activities, Programs and Services

  • Phoenix Rising - A weekly drop-in group for HIV-positive and HIV-negative men to address the emotional impact of HIV. Phoenix Rising allows men of African descent to set their own agenda and provide peer support for the challenges they face.
  • Game Nights - These events are meetings that offer a clean and sober alternative to socializing in bars. Clients and staff get together one Friday a month to play cards, listen to music, and watch movies together. HIV/STD testing is available. Locations and dates vary; call (415) 487-8018 for information.
  • Counseling and Support - Staff is available to provide confidential individual counseling and support during weekly office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm). Call (415) 487-8018 for an appointment.
  • Neighborhood Outreach, Community Building Projects, & Volunteer Opportunities - These activities are designed by staff and clients to have a positive impact on the African American community through building leadership and communication skills, and by promoting HIV testing and status awareness.
  • Colors of Recovery happens every Monday afternoon. It's a closed group for men of African descent who have committed to getting peer support about addiction issues in a harm-reduction context. Please call (415) 487-8018 for more information.

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