Foundation condemns Trump’s attacks on transgender people

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26, 2017—San Francisco AIDS Foundation CEO Joe Hollendoner issued a statement this morning following President Donald J. Trump’s tweets announcing that the United States would bar transgender individuals from serving or enlisting in the U.S. military.

"This morning, President Donald J. Trump announced that the U.S. would bar transgender people from military service. This announcement discriminates against transgender people, and underscores his agenda to strip Americans of their human rights.

Mr. Trump's statements about transgender people serving in the military are not only inaccurate, they perpetuate the institutional and societal discrimination and violence that is all too often experienced by trans and non-binary people.

In 2016, as a presidential candidate, Mr. Trump promised to be a great advocate for the LGBTQ community. As president, he has continued to advance policies that harm LGBTQ Americans, and sadly, today was no different.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation stands with the transgender community and we call upon President Trump to reverse this discriminatory decision and to, instead, focus on policies that make life better for all Americans."

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