Stop CPMC from Dismantling Health Services for HIV Patients in San Francisco!

SAN FRANCISCO, November 14, 2014—California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) recently took steps to close the Davies Campus AIDS Case Management program and outsource its systems navigation for HIV clients to a contractor. This move involves layoffs for a highly-experienced team: Medical Social Worker Laila Hinkle and Nurse Case Manager Betty Zipkin. The program they operate has served HIV patients in San Francisco for more than 17 years. Together, they currently have over 700 ADAP clients and about 90 OA-HIPP clients. They are also an invaluable resource to other benefits counselors in San Francisco and statewide because of their experience.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, HIV systems navigation is more complex and important than ever. This is not the time to eliminate two experienced providers and replace them with an outsourced benefits management company.

The AIDS Case Management program at CPMC helps ensure critical outcomes that all providers want for patients: housing stability, employment, continuity of insurance, transition from in-patient to out-patient care, medication adherence, and overall wellbeing. The San Francisco Health Care Reform Task Force and other community coalitions are working to increase the number of HIV-experienced benefits counselors throughout the city.

CPMC’s closure of the AIDS Case Management Program and lay-off of Laila and Betty is misguided, making it harder for HIV/AIDS patients to access to Essential Health Benefits and get the care they need.


Call or e-mail Dr. Warren Browner, President/CEO, CPMC.*
Do not let the office refer you. Ask them to take your message.
Telephone number: 415.600.1400    E-mail: 

Message: "I am calling to urge the reinstatement of Laila Hinkle, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Nurse, Betty Zipkin. This team provides Medical Case Management for the HIV community at Davies CPMC Campus in San Francisco. The work they do helps people with HIV get the support they need navigating complex insurance and public benefits systems like Medicare, ADAP, OA-HIPP. Perhaps more importantly, they help link patients to the valuable community resources that help keep people healthy, living at home, working, and accessing out-patient versus costly in-patient care. I urge CPMC to keep this program open and keep Betty and Laila in their positions.”

*Telephone calls are usually most effective but e-mails are tracked as well.

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