Headlines from AIDS 2012

The 19th International AIDS Conference (known as AIDS 2012) happened July 22-27 in Washington, D.C. This was the first time the conference was held in the United States in more than 20 years.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation had editors and photographers covering all the major developments at the conference. Here are some of the top headlines:

HIV and Aging
News flash: Older people have sex! And they’re at risk for HIV: 33% of all people living with HIV in the U.S. are age 50 or older. Read on to learn about the experience of aging with HIV. Read more.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Casey works with DC group HIPS to reach some of the folks most affected by HIV: sex workers. See why she loves what she does. Read more

Closing in on a Cure

Cure research shifts from the lab to the clinic, as results from three studies point the way forward in the quest for an HIV cure. Read more.

Meet Rig
The Black AIDS Institute’s Rig Rush chats about being part of an HIV prevention trial—and shares a bit of sex ed for gay youth. Read more.

Housing Works Protesters Demand a Seat at the Table
Protesters marched through the AIDS 2012 Media Center this morning, chanting, “You can’t end AIDS without people with AIDS!” Read more.

Three Key Questions About PrEP
Do people know about PrEP? Would they use it? And would they stop using condoms while taking it? See what three surveys revealed at AIDS 2012. Read more.

HIV in Transgender Communities
Transgender activist Marcela Romero: “I am not a 'high-risk' person; I am a member of a community that is put at high risk.” Learn more about the HIV epidemic among transgender people, and how to change it. Read more.

“BROTHERS” Study Shows Huge HIV Burden Among U.S. Black Gay and Bi Men
“We must urgently find and implement ways to stem the spread of HIV among black gay men in this country, and critically among young black gay men.” Read more.

Three Out of Five Dentists Agree…To Offer HIV Testing!
Dental visits are an untapped opportunity to ramp up routine HIV testing, and a new survey says the majority of dentists are behind this creative idea to get more people aware of their status. Read more.

Beyond Doctors and Drugs—A Treatment as Prevention Q&A
STOP AIDS Project’s Jen Hecht and Justin Jones share thoughts on what treatment as prevention means for people with HIV, and for the future. Read more.

Addressing Barriers to Health Care for Black Gay Men

A satellite session (co-sponsored by San Francisco AIDS Foundation) addresses barriers to health care among young African-American gay and bisexual men, including stigmatized and untreated mental health issues such as depression. Read more.

The Latest on Rectal Microbicides
See how this HIV prevention tool—for both men and women—is shaping up in clinical trials, and what rectal microbicides champion Jim Pickett hopes for the future. Read more.

Webcasts Bring Day One to Your Screen
Kicking off AIDS 2012, a call to action: “Invest in science, invest in this epidemic, and you will change lives.” Read more.

The Washington, D.C. Declaration
The Washington, D.C. Declaration recognizes we stand at a unique time in the history of the AIDS epidemic. Through new scientific advances and societal, political, and human rights gains, it is possible to turn the tide against the AIDS and begin to end the epidemic in our lifetimes. Sign the declaration.

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